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After extensive and significant experience in teaching and research, Aurum Educational Services and Consultancy (AESC) was established early in 2013 to provide tutoring and research consulting services.

Aurum Educational Services 

In particular, with well over 20 years of teaching at secondary, TAFE and university levels, it is a privilege and honor to establish Aurum Tutoring (a long awaited educational service) as part of AESC to provide high-quality tutoring services to secondary, vocational and tertiary students. We specialize in providing tuition in Chemistry (Years 11 & 12), Undergraduate chemistry, IB Chemistry, GAMSAT Chemistry/Physics, Mathematics (Years 7-10), Mathematics A/B/C (Years 11 & 12), Physics (Years 11 & 12) and Australian Science Olympiads. Experienced and highly qualified tutors are also available to provide tuition in in other subjects. At Aurum Tutoring, we treat each student as a unique individual. We, therefore, tailor each tutoring session to meet the needs of each student. We also provide all necessary help and support to make each student reach his/her potential.

Aurum Research Consulting

Aurum Research Consulting services also aim to provide our clients with solutions to a wide variety of scientific problems. Our services involve collaboration with university and research institutions to provide expertise, contract research and research consultancy in a range of advanced fields including nanomaterials/nanotechnology, catalysis/photocatalysis, energy and process engineering, materials synthesis and characterization, and green chemistry and environmental remediation. In these areas, we have published more than 60 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles. Our other services include scientific data analysis, dissertation and thesis consulting, assistance with academic writing such as journal and conference papers, essay and assignment consulting and research proposal preparation.



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